Award winning dolls!

We are so excited that our Wish Pixie dolls were awarded not one, but two awards at this year's Clean + Conscious Awards! These awards celebrate products that are non-toxic, ethical, sustainable and responsible.

"Wisdom begins in wonder" - Socrates

Children possess the extraordinary power to imagine.

The Wish Pixies harness this power to help kids gain the self belief they need to take on the challenges of childhood and develop into happy, confident and resilient adults.

Our goal is to provide the very best toys that are good for your children and their future....

Come on a Pixie adventure with us...

what our customers say:
what our customers say:
“Marlowe sleeps with her Pixie every night and takes it to school every day - it's her absolute favourite thing.”
— Stace
what our customers say:
“Amazing service for the most beautiful creations. I plan on purchasing many more. Just divine.”
— Lanne C
what our customers say:
“Beautiful. My son cuddles his Wish Pixie every night, they are just gorgeous!”
— Jessica B