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Imagine. Believe. Become.

'Pygmy' is a possum Pixie and has lots of furry friends in the bush. But in Australia, the Pygmy Possum is listed as critically endangered, so this little Pixie wants to use her magic to change this...

'Pygmy' special wish is for children to care for all the creatures of the world, and to take care of the planet so they'll always have a home.

Designed to be a magical companion for your child - Pygmy is fun to play with and small enough to take everywhere. 

September Pre-orders ship mid-late October

October Pre-orders will ship early November

Fabric & Features
  • doll made from premium cotton/linen gaberdine fabric 
  • filled with stuffing made from recycled water bottles 1 doll = 1 bottle
  • printed in non-toxic, water based ink 
  • hand made with love in Australia 
  • safety certified for Australia and New Zealand toy standards
  • safe & durable for gentle play or collecting
  • spot clean with damp cloth
  • suitable for ages 3+
  • suitable for encouraging self belief through messaging for ages 5+
  • doll is 18cm tall
How To Order
  1. Choose the Pixie that you love and whose 'wish' best resonates with the recipient's goal.
  2. Download the FREE messages to use with the doll, to encourage the child to overcome their challenge.
  3. If you would like us to hand write a special message in the card, write the message in the box above.
  4. When you receive your doll, read aloud the 'secret spell' contained in it's little pocket. This will start the magic happening... (The poem book is also fun to read when acted out with the Pixies!)
  5. To encourage positive thinking in your child, leave little messages (in secret!) in the doll's pocket. This will guide them in the right direction and reward them for each positive step they take.