'Wish Pixie Treehouse Home' Book Page - Poe


The Wish Pixie's Home is a splendid Treehouse! They have lots of games to play and adventures to have - so much fun to be had at home.

This activity is to help children think about all the entertaining things that can be done at home, and explore creative ideas to have fun during the 'stay at home' period. It's a tool to be used to calm, create and enjoy together.

Download this page to continue to the Wish Pixie Treehouse Home activity. All 10 'book' pages relate to the Wish Pixie Cut Outs, who can be stuck or blue tacked onto each page.

When you have completed all 10 pages you can create your own book with the Treehouse Colouring page as the front cover!

Digital download will commence once it's been added to your cart and your details received.