How A Pixie Can Help

Each tiny cloth doll has a little pocket on it's back, which contains a hidden, secret spell. Start by reading the spell with the child. The 'magic' of saying the spell out load, awakens the child's 'Inner Pixie' or 'self awareness'. Now the child cuddles the doll tight and whispers the wish (challenge to overcome) in the Pixies ear and the goal is set.

Every day, the parent or carer leaves little messages of encouragement in the Pixie's pocket, rewarding the positive behaviour and thought patterns that the child is demonstrating to achieve their goal. This sets up a new pattern of thinking in the child – Set a goal, commit to it, think differently, act differently, get rewarded.


Pixie Messages

We know it can be hard thinking up new Pixie Messages, so why not download our sheet of 20 pre-written messages complete with gorgeous illustrations by designer Dainy Sawatzky. Get yours HERE