My Sister Lola Master Instructions

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Miss Bookworm  Miss Chef

Tools you may need:
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Paper Scissors
  • Small Craft Scissors or 'snips' (not essential, but helpful)
  • Needle & thread
  • Sewing Machine (not essential, but helpful if you have basic machine skills)
  • Craft glue (tacky, clear glue)
  • Iron
  • Pair of craft tweezers
  • Bodkin or large safety pin
  • Pinking sheers (optional)
Items you may need:
  • Fabrics of choice (Recommendations - cotton poplin or lawn, soft tulle also known as 'Bridal Tulle', craft felt, metallic vinyl, cotton jersey or tee shirt fabric, knitted fabric for scarves, fluffy or 'faux' fur, sequin stretch fabric, tight weave linen or cotton for bedding)
  • Elastic (6-8mm wide)
  • Fine ribbon (6-10mm wide)
  • Small piece of wadding for bedding
  • Small piece of fibre fill for soft toys/pets




Take the cut out boot and fold in half down the centre. Stitch all around the edge to form the boot. To put the boots on your doll, you may need help using the tweezers to get her feet in!

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt

Pin the pattern piece to the fabric (or use dimensions provided on the pattern). Make sure the pattern is straight on the 'grain' of the fabric, and not crooked. Cut out the skirt with your fabric scissors.

Folded in half skirt: Fold fabric piece in half lengthways (where the fold line is on the pattern). It helps if you iron in the crease so the fold line stays in place*. Stitch a straight line along from edge to edge, about 1cm from the fold.

For a skirt without a 'fold line' down the centre, you will need to make a casing for the elastic to thread through. You do this by folding about 1cm down one edge (of the long edges) of the skirt and stitching along the folded edge nice and straight and even. Using a bodkin or safety pin, take your elastic and thread it through. Lola's waist measures about 10cm circumference so tie or stitch the elastic (or ribbon) at this measurement to form a nice, full skirt.

*only for cotton fabric - do not iron soft tulle!

Tricky Tip: cut the hem of the skirt with Pinking Sheers for a zig zag finish!

  • Fabric recommendation: cotton lawn - print or plain, soft tulle (for 'fold over' skirt only), lace, silky fabric (for more experienced sewers)

For a knitted scarf, cut out the fabric, making sure the stretch runs along length ways, with the pattern piece. Stitch the edges together.

For a fluffy or fur scarf, cut out the fabric. Cut out 2 pieces of ribbon about 8cm long each. Sew the ribbon onto the back of the scarf piece at the centre point. 

For a long scarf, cut out the fabric. That's it! Style the scarf around Lola's neck in the way you like.

  • Fabric recommendation: Woolly knit, jersey, faux fur
Tee Shirt

Pin the pattern piece to the fabric, with the stretch of the fabric going in the same way as the dotted line on the pattern. Cut out, including the circle (you may need to use your tiny scissors for this bit). Stitch the side seams together. 

Now put the Tee Shirt on by putting Lola's legs through the head hole and pulling the Tee on from the bottom up.

  • Fabric recommendation: jersey, cotton lycra or stretchy knit
Leg Warmers

Cut out the pair of leg warmers, making sure the most stretch goes across the pattern piece. Stitch up the seam and put on Lola's legs (you may need help with the tweezers to do this!)

  • Fabric recommendation: jersey, cotton lycra or stretchy knit
Pixie Hat 

After you've cut out your Pixie Hat, cut the 2 slits that will be where your doll's hair will thread through. Now using the pattern as a guide to show you which edges to sew, first the seams marked number 1, then the other seams marked number 2. Now the 3rd seam is a little trickier as you need to flatten the seam so that the points of seam 1 and seam 2 meet in the middle. Carefully sew the 3rd seam closed.

Put the hat on and thread through Lola's piggy tails through the openings on the sides of the hat.

Fairy Wings

With your 2 wing pieces, lay them on top of each other so the centre backs meet. Now stitch or glue them together in the centre. Cut a piece of ribbon about 30cm long and sew the centre of the ribbon to the centre back of the wings. Now decorate them as you wish! Make sure you add the magic...

To put the wings on, simply tie the ribbon around Lola's shoulders at the front, take them around to the back and tie in a bow.

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt or firm, stable fabric such as stiff linen

Cut out a circle of felt. With small scissors (or get an adult to help you), cut little triangles out evenly around the edges to form a flower shape.

If you are making a head band, cut a piece of elastic about 13cm long and sew the flowers onto it. Now sew the ends of the elastic together to make the headband. You can also use a ribbon (cut this out about 18cm long) and tie it around your doll's head.

Tricky Tip: We recommend using contrast embroidery thread to sew the flower on, in a dot in the centre of the flower to make it look really authentic!

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt

Cut out pattern pieces, now take one of the Overalls pieces plus the Bib piece. Sew the Bib piece to the top of the Overalls piece where indicated by the little lines on the pattern. Once that's done, take the other Overalls piece and stitch both pieces together down the sides. Now take the 2 Strap pieces and sew them to the top of the Bib piece in the corners, cross them over at the back and stitch them to the overalls at the back.

Tricky Tip: before you sew your Overalls, you can decorate them with drawn on stitch lines (go by the pattern piece) using a fine line texta, to make them look really authentic! Stick on the teeny felt buttons to decorate.

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt
Animal Hat

Take one piece of the Hat (front or back) and stick the ear, antler or owl tuft, to the top (where indicated on the pattern piece with a little line). Once the glue is dry, take the other Hat piece and match the edges. Stitch all around, close to the edge. At the back, stitch together the triangle 'gap' or dart, closing it forming a slight fullness in the hat. Decorate your hat with a fine liner texta if you like (for the Owl eyes particularly) and glue on all the little felt features.

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft Felt & Faux fur for Owl ears
Crown or Tiara

Cut out the Crown, overlap the 2 short edges together about 1/2 a centimetre. Stick or stitch in place.

Cut out the Tiara. Take a piece of elastic about 10cm long and stick or stitch the ends of the elastic to the back of the tiara, meeting the ends in the middle.

Decorate your royal head wear with glitter, beads or sequins!

  • Fabric recommendation: Metallic vinyl, sequin fabric or craft felt 

Once you've cut out the star pieces, glue the back of each one. Now take a toothpick or small stick and sandwich between the star shapes, matching the points on each side, together. Hold firmly until the glue is dry. 

Now, decorate! 

  • Fabric recommendation: Metallice vinyl, sequin fabric, craft felt

Cut out the front piece and the 2 back pieces of the dress. If the fabric you are using has a 'right' and a 'wrong' side, make sure the back pieces are cut as a pair. Mark the little lines on the sides - this will be the arm openings. Now sew the side seams of the dress (the angled edges) but make sure you leave the gap between the little lines open. You may neaten all the edges by hemming them (turning them under and stitching) but this is not essential if the fabric doesn't fray too much. Put a little fastening at the back neck, such as a velcro dot, so the dress stays closed. Decorate your dress as you wish! Some suggestions: Cut out the Super Girl symbol in felt and stick on, Stick or sew lace on the hem, Stick or sew on a little bow.

  • Fabric recommendation: Cotton - printed or plain, Craft felt, Jersey
Chef's Hat

After you've cut out the felt piece, using a pencil - mark all the lines from the pattern piece that are to be cut. Carefully cut the slits with small scissors (you may need an adult to help you). Now sew the short edges of the hat together. This is the back seam. Flatten out the hat, keeping the back seam in the centre, and sew the top edge together. Turn the hat out the other way (so the seams are now on the inside). When you put the hat on the doll's head, push down the top a little so all the cuts open out and look like a real Chef's hat!

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt
Head Scarf 

Carefully cut out the pattern piece. Stitch along the 2 curved 'darts' where indicated on the pattern. This now forms the hood of the scarf. Place this on Lola's the trick is to tie it! With the hood on, take the long pieces around the back of Lola's neck, with each piece going around the opposite way. Bring them around the front, cross them over and take them back to the back. Now tie them together.

Tricky Tip: before putting on the hood, tie Lola's hair up on the top of her head. Put the hood on over her top knot, and fold the edge along where it sits on Lola's forehead.

  • Fabric recommendation: Soft, stretchy jersey
Felt Animals

Take the two pieces and hand stitch the edges closed, leaving a small gap enough to get the stuffing inside. Through the gap, push in a tiny piece of stuffing using a tool such as a paintbrush or tweezers. Now sew the gap shut and decorate your cute pet as you please!

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt
Satchel Bag

Cut out the bag shape in felt. Stitch on the stap in the top 2 corners of the short edges. Now fold the bag up and stitch closed the 2 side seams.

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt and cotton ribbon for strap
Super Hero Mask

Carefully cut out the tiny felt shape. The eye holes may be a bit tricky so you will need a small pair of scissors (and maybe the help of an adult). Cut a piece of elastic 9cm long. Stitch the ends of the elastic to the sides of the mask where indicated on the pattern. 

Tricky Tip: try the mask on Lola's face before cutting the eye holes to make sure they are in the right place!

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt and elastic
Bunny Ear Headband

Take your 2 felt ear pieces and fold the bottom edges to the centre of the ear and stick in place with glue. This forms the ear shape. Once they are dry, stitch the ears onto a piece of elastic or ribbon to fit Lola's head (about 13cm long for elastic).

  • Fabric recommendation: Craft felt and elastic

For the Quilt - with right side of the fabric together, stitch 3 of the 4 seams together. Turn out to the right side and press the seams flat with an iron (make sure you get an adult's help to do this!). Now press the seam that's not stitched yet, about 1/2 cm inwards. Take some wadding and place inside the quilt. Close the open seam by hand stitching neatly. To give it a genuine quilt look, you may top stitch all around the edges, about 1cm in. To add the finishing touch, hand stitch little crosses (or knots) in the places indicated on the pattern piece. 

For the Pillows - follow the same instructions for the quilt but not the hand quilting. 

Tricky Tip: why not use different fabrics on the back and front, so you can mix up the styling of Lola's bed!

  • Fabric recommendation: Cotton poplin or tight woven Linen - print or plain