This in an overview of the whole doll collection to help you make a decision which one/s to choose!

Large Lola Doll (75cm) 

Large Lola is a big size so she is a more like a little companion than a doll, for a child. She is large enough to do everything the child does - she can have tea parties, go on sleepovers, sit on a chair at the table or sit in the car. Of course she gives a good cuddle at bedtime too. This larger size also makes her fun to dress and style and she is available as a ready dressed doll and has many separates to choose from as well. She has a hand printed and hand embroidered face.

*NB: Large Lola is now in very LIMITED supply. Once the remaining dolls have been sold, there won't be any more!!

Recommended for play and for a child aged 3 - 12 years. The doll is suitable for a younger child if you select to cover the buttons on the arms from the menu option.

Price Point: $195- $280 (clothed)


Small Lola Doll (45cm)

If you love the large Lola doll, but is a little too big for your babe (and maybe your hip pocket), or you prefer a smaller doll that's easy to take everywhere, then this little lady is the right choice. There are no small parts on this doll so is safe for a younger child as well. There is choice with hair and skin colour and now with all the separate clothing items available, the outfit possiblities are endless! NEW to the range is the ability to personalize your doll with positive quotes or the recipient's name on the doll's Tee shirt - which makes a very special and totally unique gift.

Coming soon will be Downloadable Patterns to create your own clothes and dress ups for this doll (suitable for children to make as well).

Recommended for play and for a child aged 0 - 13 years.

Price Point: $79 -$120

Lenny Dolls (45cm)

This little guy is Lola's cheeky friend, Lenny.  His face is printed, and he has felt hair. Lenny is a popular gift for boys as well as girls. He is also able to be personalized so may be the perfect gift for a newborn right up to any age!

Recommended for play and for a child aged 0 - 7 years.

Price Point: $95 - $120

Little Lola (35cm)

These little dolls are perfect for lovers of cute little creatures and fairies! This range of Lola/creature hybrids are bound to charm you with their sweet faces, animal features and divine fairy wings. The smallest and most delicate of the Lola doll range, they make an exquisite gift for an older child or a doll collector. Although little, the hand stitching in these dolls is big, so therefore a bit more care is required and gentle play is recommended.

Recommended as a room decoration/keepsake for a child aged 5 - 12 years

Price Point: $110 -$120

Hatchlings (12cm)

A cute range of little Dragons and 'Pixiecorns' to put magic in your day and keep you safe. Tiny but intricate, these dolls are hand painted and have tiny hand sewn features. They make a great gift packaged in an egg carton, where you get to fill it with the items of your choice.

Recommended for gentle play for a child aged 5 + or as a room decoration for a younger child.

Price Point: $39 each

The Wish Pixies (18cm)

A range of tiny cloth Pixie dolls (16cm), each will come beautifully packaged to make the perfect gift. The Wish Pixies all come with a unique 'wish', and work their magic to help the Pixie owner, make their own wishes come true by harnessing the powers of self belief.

Recommended for play and wishes for a child aged 3+ and suitable as a gift for adults too. Girl and boy dolls will be available.

Price Point: $45

Pixie Bebes (25cm)

A new collection of Pixies suitable for babies 0 - 3 years. Made of organic and natural cloth and filled with lavender to help babies sleep, this range of 4 little dolls are the perfect gift for a new bub or expectant mother. Choose from girl designs or gender neutral dolls. They also have little beds they can snuggle into.

Price Point: $39

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